Landscape now offers a script library for admins to store their scripts and also a new plugin to allow for easy and quick reboots or shutdowns of managed machines. Read on for more details!

Script library

Admins can now store their scripts in Landscape itself. So, when sending a script to a collection of machines, you have the option of recalling it from the library:

Slecting a script to run

Here you can manage your existing scripts and add new ones:

Manage scripts

Reboots and Shutdowns

We know that managed machines can be rebooted or powered off via script execution, but that would require the plugin to be enabled on all machines and some sudo setup, or allowing root to run scripts.

There is an easier way: the new landscape-client packages¬† have a new plugin to allow easy reboot or shutdown via Landscape. This plugin is enabled by default. In the web interface, the new option is available under “Info”, and, as is usual with Landscape, can be applied to any number of machines at once:

Reboot and Shutdown

Other changes

Besides the new features, we also had a few bugfixes:

  • scripts with accents in them are now handled correctly
  • accented characters were causing problems in several pieces of the web interface and have been fixed
  • fixed some dbus errors in Ubuntu 6.10 LTS (“dapper”)
  • a few changes to the how-to-register document which explains how to register a new Landscape client
  • other internal changes in preparation for even more new features, stay tuned!

Thanks again to all who provided feedback!